Meet Our Nutrition Team

Shanon Safi, RD
Director of Nutrition

Shanon provides a holistic approach to nutrition that combines Western and Eastern practices to help clients heal their relationship with their body and feel empowered in their food choices. The feeding approach is uniquely tailored to the individual, creating a plan that accommodates all foods. This anti-diet method is about understanding your intuitive cues, nourishing yourself, and finding joy in the journey.

Working with Shanon is like having a warm, supportive friend that brings out all the best in you no matter what the circumstances. Shanon is also our on-site yoga instructor! Shanon is certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques and ServSafe food practices.

Abigail Morris
Executive Chef

Culinary Journey:
NCC 2018 college graduate specializing in food science and culinary arts Classically French trained in an open kitchen setting.

Admires Japanese culinary traditions and kaiseki, influenced by my birthplace and the indigenous ingredients in Hawaii, the regional Asian mixing pot of the world.

Experience in fine ding and molecular gastronomy

Cooking style:
New modern progressive American chef influenced mostly by American, French and Japanese cuisine

2 Favorite Michelin star Chefs:
- Dominique Crenn
- Magnus Neilson

- Born and adopted in Honolulu Hawaii (my parents were missionary workers)
- Lived in Maine, TN, PA, Hawaii
- 3 siblings (two older brothers and an older sister)
- Dog mom

Fun fact: Avid hiker and local forager, summer is my favorite season, the beaches and the mountains are   my happy place.

Have aspired to be a Chef for my entire life.