Residential Program for Adolescent Eating Disorders in Pennsylvania


The Program

Our residential program for adolescent eating disorders includes additional adolescent-specific components such as group therapy tailored to stressors in a young woman's life, a robust family therapy program, licensed teachers who interact with local school systems, specialized staff, and menu modifications.

Blue Ridge Eating Disorder Care Center also offers outdoor spaces and a recreation center that allow each patient to interact with the scenic landscape. Nutritionally, our chef offers cooking and baking groups, and approachable gourmet menus which focus on fresh ingredients.

What Makes Blue Ridge Different?

Blue Ridge has a unique program structure that is therapeutic, not punitive. As all recovery is a unique journey, Blue Ridge does not utilize level systems as a way to earn privileges or family visits. Instead, we know that family involvement is vital to your daughter’s recovery and encourage family time regardless of meal completion or program adherence standards.

Our Saylorsburg Campus Feels Like Home

We know it’s not the same as the comfort and safety teens feel at home, buy we promise a warm atmosphere and guidance that feels like a home away from home.

At the same time, our compassionate and kind staff will attend to every patient’s needs or requested accommodations.

Moreover, our rural setting near Allentown is a peaceful retreat to recharge, renew, and practice real behavioral change. Our common areas are cozy and safe spaces for peers to gather, enjoy a meal, watch a movie, or play a fun game.

All patient bedrooms are shared spaces and roommates are paired by our clinical staff to optimize each resident's eating disorder recovery experience.

Moreover, we try to integrate a certain element of “cool” into the designed spaces, but our young women can always count on soft sheets, fluffy comforters, pillows, and soft bathroom towels.

We understand that little things mean everything and go out of our way to ensure comfy couches, vibrant colors, and inspiring wall art. We understand the vulnerability and fears associated from being apart from family, which is why we describe our supportive residential program as a family-operated retreat.

Most importantly, Blue Ridge Eating Disorder Care Center's evidence-based, holistic eating disorder treatment for adolescents and helps ensure lasting recovery.


Daily Programming at Blue Ridge Treatment

Each day, young women in our Saylorsburg campus participate in individual therapy, group therapy as well as experiential and expressive therapies.

At Blue Ridge, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to eating disorder treatment by integrating evidence-based therapies to address the complex psychological and emotional factors associated with eating disorders in children and adolescents.

Our Pennsylvania residential program is rich in specialized support from a multidisciplinary team that includes a medical director, psychiatrist, registered dietitian, therapists, and behavioral health professionals that are all trained in caring for adolescents with eating disorders.

Residential care at Blue Ridge also provides medication management and 24-hour therapeutic care. Our daily residential programming includes individual, group, and integrated behavioral health therapies such as:

Each of our modalities serves a different purpose and gives your daughter variety while helping her establish a routine. Our residential program places great emphasis on age-appropriate care.

We recognize that children and adolescents have unique developmental needs, and we provide education, skill-building, and activities that are tailored to their specific age group. This approach helps patients develop a healthy relationship with food and body image, fostering their overall growth and well-being.

Residential Care for Young Women in the Poconos

Residential eating disorder treatment is a high-level of care for young women who are struggling with disordered eating.  Our home-like setting in bucolic Eastern Pennsylvania offers your daughter the environment and small community setting she needs to heal.

With a complete team of therapists, nutritionists, psychiatric and medical providers, we ensure that your family receives a whole-person and multi-dimensional approach that fosters lifelong recovery.

Our residential care goals will also address the underlying factors contributing to the eating disorder, promote ongoing nourishment, and support overall health and well-being while giving your daughter real hope in a supportive patient & staff community.

Individualized Care

Our nurturing team recognizes that every young woman is truly one of a kind, and they respond best to treatment when their eating disorder treatment is one of a kind, too. That’s why at Blue Ridge, we develop patient care plans based on your daughter’s specific medical, nutritional, and emotional needs.

At the same time, your daughter will be assigned to a interdisciplinary care team that is comprised of medical staff, a psychiatrist, registered dietitian, and a primary therapist. This individualized approach helps foster a trusting relationship with your daughter. It also means that our team can easily pivot and adjust the care plan as treatment evolves.

Family Involvement

This term describes feeding or eating behaviors that interfere with proper nutrition intake and cause distress or impairment in daily living but do not meet full diagnostic criteria for any of the other eating disorders.

These behaviors may involve multiple features of one disorder or features of several disorders, and may lead to inability to maintain weight.

Integrated Educational Support

Age-appropriate educational support is integrated directly into our daily programming so every young woman can maintain academic progress while in residential treatment. Our learning program bridges each student patient for a smooth transition back into her home school at the point of discharge.

Nutrition and Meal Prep Support

The Blue Ridge nutrition program is a framework developed from Intuitive Eating principles that encourages young women and families to recognize and manage many common triggers for eating disorder behaviors. We offer individualized nutrition care with parent education and support, and hands-on meal preparation guided by chefs.

Learn More About Our Residential Program

In our Pennsylvania young women's residential program, your daughter will  be safe with 24/7 therapeutic supervision while being nurtured to heal, grow, and recover from their eating disorder.

Whether they struggle with anorexia, bulimia, or any other forms of disordered eating, Blue Ridge has become a destination of real hope for families in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and beyond.

Our residential programming is designed to provide your adolescent with the best possible outcome through personalized, integrated care from our talented Pennsylvania eating disorder team. Call us today at 570-718-8800 to learn more about our Pennsylvania residential program for adolescent girls.

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