What to Bring to Residential Treatment


What To Bring to Blue Ridge Eating Disorder Care Center

Once we determine your teen’s admission arrival date, our admissions coordinator will speak with you and your daughter about what to bring to our Pennsylvania campus and the items to be left at home and answer all your questions.

Of course, if any necessary items are needed after admission, your family can bring them later or ship them (as many patients come from out-of-state).

Please our admissions team should you have any questions about your teen prepared to come to our Pennsylvania adolescent eating disorder treatment center in Saylorsburg.

Insurance cards
Prescription medication (in original pharmacy packaging)
Physician’s orders / documentation
List of verifiable food allergies
Photos of your family and loved ones
Letter writing supplies
Personal hygiene supplies: soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste, contact lenses or eyeglasses
Seasonal Clothing: pack enough clothes for one week and include: relaxed shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, active wear, sweaters, sweatshirts, comfortable shoes & sneakers, full covering pajamas, slippers, a favorite blanket or a stuffed animal.

What Not to Bring to Blue Ridge Treatment for Adolescents

There are specific items that your teenager should NOT pack when she is preparing to enter our Saylorsburg campus. Our admissions coordinator will go over prior to admissions and answer any questions.

A luggage and belongings search is performed during the intake process. Any items brought will be sent home with parents or securely stored while in treatment. We hope you understand this for everyone’s safety and well-being while in eating disorder treatment.

While some items may be trivial for you, we ask that you be mindful that what may be innocent for one patient, it may be a trigger for another peer teen. We also have a small community of adolescent girls who are at different stages in their recovery and experience has taught us to leave these itmes at home.

Alcohol, illegal drugs, over-the-counter medications, or prescription drugs not prescribed to you
Weapons including knives, scissors, or sharp objects
Mouthwash or perfumes containing alcohol
Valuables: cash or expensive jewelry should be left at home– BRT will not be held responsible for any stolen or missing items.
Revealing or “provocative” clothing: low cut shirts, strapless tops, short shorts/skirts/dresses, or anything that may trigger other peers
Hoodie sweatshirts and hats.
Food items or drinks
Lighters, matches, candles, or incense
iPod or MP3 player (okay without internet access)
Cell phone
Laptop computer
Musical instrument(s)
Cosmetics – some exemptions with verifiable medical documentation (e.g., severe acne)
Hair dryer/hair curler/hair straightener

Get Eating Disorder Help for Your Teen Today!

The Blue Ridge nutrition team is ready to help your teen to heal and recover from disordered eating. And, at the same time, teach them to value nutrition and discard false narratives around calories and fat content.

We understand the importance of building a positive foundation in nutrition to support lasting recovery. Our teen nutrition program is part of an integrated approach get your adolescent on the path to health, wellness, and recovery. Call us today at 570-718-8800 to learn more about our Pennsylvania residential program.

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